Maurice Wutscher’s Donald Maurice to Speak at DBA’s California Regional Symposium

Oct. 29, 2015 — Maurice Wutscher attorney Donald Maurice will participate in DBA International’s California Regional Symposium on Nov. 12, along with representatives from DBA International and the debt buying industry. At the symposium, speakers will discuss the CFPB supervisory and enforcement processes and give their thoughts on what others should be looking at right now.

Topics will include:

  • Purchase terms and conditions
  • Data accuracy in both purchases and post-purchase operations
  • Document requirements, pre-litigation
  • Addressing oral disputes
  • Practices for telephone communications and, in particular, calls to cellular phones
  • Civil lawsuits for debt collection
  • Handling outside collectors and debt collection law firms
  • Affidavits used in collection lawsuits
  • Collecting debt potentially subject to an expired limitations period

Also on the agenda, representatives from the California Bankers Association and the California Collectors Association will discuss recent developments in California state law impacting originators, purchasers and debt collectors. In addition, speakers will discuss new laws in Maine and Illinois as well as pending legislation impacting debt purchasing and those who provide debt collection services. Register here.