Webinar: Maurice Wutscher’s Brent Yarborough to Discuss Reg F and the Model Validation Notice

Brent Yarborough

Jan. 22, 2023 — Maurice Wutscher financial services attorney Brent Yarborough will discuss how the model validation notice has changed since Regulation F went into effect during a webinar Friday, Jan. 26 at 1 pm ET.

The model validation notice offered something collectors have never really had before — safe harbor. But only if they used the form as is, or one that was substantially similar to what the CFPB created. As time goes on, though, companies might start making more changes to the notice.

In this webinar, the panel will discuss trends and developments with the notice and what other changes might be on the horizon.

“How the MVN Has Changed Since Reg F Went Into Effect” is being presented by AccountsRecovery.net. To register for the complimentary webinar, click here.

Brent Yarborough is a principal at Maurice Wutscher LLP. He focuses his practice on regulatory compliance and the defense of consumer law claims.