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Maurice Wutscher’s Donald Maurice, Ralph Wutscher to Speak at GCS Credit Community World Conference

Aug. 29, 2018 — Maurice Wutscher attorneys Donald Maurice and Ralph Wutscher will speak on regulatory and digital tech topics impacting international credit and collection businesses at the GCS Credit Community World Conference in Strasbourg, France, Oct. 26-28.

Mr. Maurice, who serves as outside counsel to RMA International, will speak on the digital transformation of credit and collections and moderate a panel discussion on GDPR, which will cover such issues as vicarious liability, roles and responsibilities and government and industry body support.

Mr. Wutscher will participate in a session on “Disruptive Tech in Debt Collection and Financial Services,” discussing the changing behavior of hyper-disruptive business models, the enabling influences of fintech, regtech, cloud accounting and automation, and the evolution of big data.

For more information and to see the agenda, click here.

TCPA Webinar to Give Guidance on How to Properly Interpret Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Aug. 17, 2018 — Maurice Wutscher attorney Donald Maurice will be among a panel of speakers that will discuss how to properly interpret the Telephone Consumer Protection Act following the D.C. Circuit’s March 2018 ruling on the TCPA during a webinar Wednesday, Aug. 22 from 1-2 p.m., ET.

The recent ruling in ACA International v. FCC has created uncertainty in the courts on how to properly interpret the TCPA, leaving companies uncertain about the guidelines, restrictions and its scope.

During the webinar, a panel of compliance and financial services legal experts will discuss “How To Know What Is and Is Not Allowed Under the TCPA In Your Footprint.”

For more information and to register for the webinar hosted by and sponsored by TCN, Inc., click here.

The Least Sophisticated Podcast Features 3 New Episodes

Aug. 14, 2018 — Maurice Wutscher attorneys Eric Rosenkoetter and Brent Yarborough are continuing their podcast for the accounts receivable management industry, “The Least Sophisticated Podcast.”

Named as a nod to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s least sophisticated consumer provisions, the podcast has released 12 episodes so far.

The latest episode, “Popeye is No Cowboy” discusses a recent decision from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a debt buyer meets the definition of a debt collector.

In Episode 11, “Dissecting the BCFP’s FDCPA Consent Order,” the CEO of National Credit Adjusters, Brad Hochstein, joins the podcast to discuss the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s consent order with his company.

Episode 10, “Analyze This,” focuses on Kathy Kraninger’s nomination as the next director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

The podcast can be accessed for free on iTunes and Google Play or by clicking here.