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Webinar: Maurice Wutscher’s Shannon Miller to Speak on TCPA’s Prerecorded Call Provisions

Shannon Miller

June 23, 2021 — Maurice Wutscher attorney Shannon P. Miller will discuss the prerecorded call provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and how they are applied to situations encountered by creditors and collectors during a webinar Monday, June 28 at 1 pm ET.

When it comes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, much of the focus is on the use of automatic telephone dialing systems. But there are other areas of the law that can cause legal and compliance problems, including the use of prerecorded messages.

The webinar’s panel will discuss best practices and ways to reduce liability under the TCPA.

“Prerecorded Call Cases Under the TCPA – What You Need to Know” is being presented by AccountsRecovery.net. To register for the complimentary webinar, click here.

Shannon P. Miller is a principal at Maurice Wutscher LLP. He focuses his practice on various aspects of financial services law, with an emphasis on consumer financial services litigation.

Maurice Wutscher’s Brady Hermann Quoted on TCPA Class Action Against Advisory Firm

April 13, 2021 ­— Maurice Wutscher attorney Brady Hermann is quoted in an AdvisorHub article regarding a Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action filed April 9 against an investment advisory firm for allegedly using an automatic telephone dialing system to call prospective clients.

He is also quoted in an article about the lawsuit in the Vancouver, Wash. newspaper The Columbian.

Mr. Hermann, who discussed the case in a LinkedIn post, said, “Just one week prior to the filing of this complaint, the Supreme Court significantly limited the definition of an automatic telephone dialing system (“ATDS”) in Facebook v. Duguid. Following the Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling in Facebook, the TCPA can no longer apply to devices that do not ‘us[e] a random or sequential number generator.’ Despite the Facebook decision coming out just one week prior to the filing of this complaint, plaintiff cites to the now outdated definition of an ATDS.”

Mr. Hermann said the plaintiff will have to prove that the advisory firm “used a random or sequential number generator to call him. A lot of telephone systems used by businesses today do not, so plaintiff may have an uphill battle.”

Brady Hermann is senior counsel in the Boston and New York offices of Maurice Wutscher LLP. He regularly represents financial services companies including banks, broker-dealers, financial advisors, financial asset buyers and third party debt collectors in individual, class action and regulatory matters. He has successfully represented clients throughout the country against claims for violations of securities laws, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and various state consumer protection statutes.