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Maurice Wutscher Attorneys Host Compliance Podcast for ARM Industry

March 29, 2018 — Maurice Wutscher attorneys Eric Rosenkoetter and Brent Yarborough are hosting a new podcast for the accounts receivable management industry, in which they provide a witty and engaging take on compliance-related topics.

Called “The Least Sophisticated Podcast” as a nod to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s least sophisticated consumer provisions, the podcast is produced by AccountsRecovery.net and available for free on iTunes and Google Play or by clicking here.

“I’m thrilled to be providing important information via a new communication channel,” said AccountsRecovery.net’s Mike Gibb. “Brent & Eric do a wonderful job of distilling very important topics into language that anyone – not just compliance experts – can understand and relate to.”

The podcast will be published weekly. Two episodes have been released so far.

The first, “Shark-Infested Safe Harbors,” examines recent court decisions affecting the language collection agencies thought was safe to use in collection letters.

The second episode, “On Debt Buyers & Pot Dealers,” discusses new state laws regulating the collections and debt-buying industries. Injecting humor into the discussion, the attorneys refer to the laws that were enacted last year as:

  • “The Maine Deforestation Act” (because of all the documentation requirements);
  • “The Oregon Trail Ends In Idaho Without A License Act” (new debt buyer license requirements);
  • “Colorado Where Debt Buyers Are As Cool As Pot Dealers Act” (because Colorado now regulates both); and
  • “The West Virginia Cure for the Wild & Not So Wonderful Act” (on that state’s new bill and particularly the “cure” requirement).

Episode three will analyze bills that are currently being considered in state legislatures across the country.

Maurice Wutscher is a nationwide law firm providing defense and regulatory compliance counsel to the financial services industry.